Elysia Fryer

Head of Content, Teesside

Sector: PR and Marketing

Elysia Fryer spent her childhood with a pen and paper in hand, loving the written word. And after a clear path through education, she has followed her dream of writing professionally.  

Where do you call home? 

Home is Teesside – a place I am incredibly proud to call home. From the nearby towns and villages to the coast and the remote countryside surrounding the area, it’s fair to say my journey to ‘the now’ has been heavily influenced by my surroundings and my supportive network of friends, family and colleagues. 

Tell us about your role?  

I am currently on maternity leave, navigating my way along the most exciting and rewarding journey of all, but away from family life, my heart lies in writing. The written word has and always will be an important part of my life and to be able to pursue a career in it is very special to me.  

My role as head of content at Allies Group is an exciting and vast one. From luxury magazine production to styling fashion shoots, working with businesses on their own marketing material and building online audiences through multiple channels, my job is fun, rewarding and challenging for all the right reasons. 

How did you get to where you are today? 

It may sound cliché, but it wasn’t often you’d find me without a pen and paper in my hand as a child – constantly journaling, jotting down story ideas or getting a little too carried away with greetings card messaging. The written word was always my favourite way to communicate – there was always something incredibly special about taking a moment and penning down my thoughts and feelings. 

That enjoyment followed me through school and college, which led me to university, where it seemed the right moment to take that next step in securing a degree in English and journalism – the first main stepping stone in reaching my dream of writing professionally. 

What struggles or obstacles did you face along the way? 

I was fortunate enough to know and be sure of the education path I wanted to go on, but even with a clarity and focus, there are many obstacles to navigate through along the way. After an unsuccessful attempt at broadcast journalism, I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to be the next BBC News anchor, but this setback allowed me to sit back and really focus on what I was good at – writing. 

At the time I thought of it as a failed attempt at my goal, but on reflection, it was merely the setback I needed to guide me on the right track to reach my full potential and really enjoy what I do for a living.    

Describe the moment you first got a feel for success? 

I’m a massive people person, so for me, going from the quiet intern at a huge London publishing company, to a valued member of staff bringing in new business and launching my own publications, I was valued, trusted and thrown in at the deep end. My lightbulb moment came when ‘I believed I could, so I did’

Do you have any advice for aspiring young females? 

‘She believed she could, so she did’ – my ‘lightbulb moment’ quote. It may take you a while and you may not get there the easiest way possible, but if you take something you’re really passionate about, go in there with a whole load of positive energy and a big bright smile on your face and I’m certain you’ll get something back. Going to work and loving what you do is a really special and important thing, and it really is possible. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?  

‘It may take a little time, but remember…be patient, be kind, remain positive and it will pay off in the end.’ 

What three words inspire you and encourage a positive path?  

‘Find your fire’ – do something that truly lights you up inside. Life is precious!

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